Welcome to iAM ABLE Fitness

By improving the quality of life of individuals with paralysis through intense therapeutic exercise, mentoring and support, iAM ABLE Fitness is ready to find possibilities within impossibilities. Individuals and their families receive all the help necessary to continue living life to its fullest. We are proud to say that we do this with the one and only approach that has made us successful through the years: helping you like family.

Thank you for taking your first step towards the possible. We invite you into our site to help you find all the answers you need. If you do not find what you are looking for, please give us a call; we will always be here for you.




Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at iAM ABLE Fitness?

Be prepared for an out of the box, intense workout session. During your initial evaluation, your trainer will go through a wide array of exercises and modalities he feels will be beneficial for you. After your first session, your trainer will develop an exercise prescription that will be implemented to enhance your abilities and provide a challenging workout for each session. Our modalities include active range of motion, load bearing exercises, functional electrical stim, strengthening exercises, and gait training.

Can I use the Lokomat?

The Lokomat can be used by our clients who have appropriate bone density, joint stability, and no skin issues. Once cleared to use the Lokomat you will train on the robotic gait trainer, increasing by 5 minute increments each session with a maximum of 45 minutes. Lokomat offers the most physiological gait pattern with constant feedback. It improves client outcomes by increasing therapy volume, and intensity, providing task-specific training and increasing client engagement.

Does iAM ABLE Fitness provide anything else than one on one training?

Absolutely, we provide support, guidance, mentoring and so much more. At iAM ABLE, you will be treated like family and most of the time, our clients build strong friendships with the staff. We are here to help you in any way, whether it be finding a place to get wheelchair parts, inviting you out to community spinal cord injury group events, and we even know of an accessible fishing and diving boat! We aren’t just here to provide a great workout. We will provide as much assistance we can with our years of knowledge in the paralysis field.

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